13. Suffix -ous

Suffix -ous

  1. Play the video with audio.
  2. Instruct the student to listen and repeat.
  3. Restart the video from the beginning and mute the audio.
  4. Instruct the student to practice reading.
  5. Provide support as needed.
Slow-paced game
Word Sums

Practice spelling.
Use the flow chart for guidance.

Should you drop silent e before adding the suffix?

3-Syllable word practice

In this activity, the word is segmented into spoken syllables instead of base/affixes.

The teacher says the word, and the student arranges the syllables in the correct order, then clicks ‘check’ to verify if their word is correct. The syllables will include syllables that appear ‘open’ but instead have a schwa, short, or long vowel sound.

It’s important to note that the open syllable will not always result in a long vowel sound. This exercise serves as valuable practice for students to develop flexibility with vowel sounds.

What’s the Word?