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Mom to a 2nd grader

Our family can’t say ENOUGH about how WONDERFUL we think Ms. Lima is. Our 8YO son greatly struggles with reading, he has some learning disabilities and can get frustrated very easily. These Individual Tutoring sessions have REALLY been amazing. He is progressing...

Mom to a 2nd grader

She has never read prior to this week. I had no idea that the problem was that she had never been taught phonics. These last two weeks have been eye opening and mind blowing at the same time. So again, thank you for the wonderful work you are doing.

Mom to a 5th and 7th grader

They’re so motivated now. They’ll pick up things and just start reading and they’re not scared anymore or embarrassed.

Mom to a 3rd grader

When she started reading, we definitely worked from sight word lists. We were frequently given paragraphs to read with her and she was to “skip over” the words she didn’t know. I thought it sounded a little funny, but who was I to question these...

Grandpa to a 4th grader

Israel has been working with tutors for the past three years, however, he has not been able to make as much progress as he has since starting to work with Angelica.